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shawn wayans

Shawn Wayans Not A Fan Of Cell Phones In Comedy Clubs, Says He Understands Michael Richards’s 2006 Rant

May 22, 2015No Comments

Earlier in New York City, Shawn Wayans stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning just before a weekend of comedy shows. Shawn first starts

jay pharoah

Jay Pharoah Impersonates Kevin Hart For Red Nose Day

May 22, 20151 Comment

Last night NBC helped bring awareness to the first ever Red Nose day. The event which featured a line up of celebrities and comedians was

hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress’s Comedy Central Show To Share The Same Night As Key And Peele

May 21, 20151 Comment

Earlier in March, Comedy Central revealed that they were giving Hannibal Buress his own show called Why? with Hannibal Buress. With the recent announcement of

michael che

Comedy Life: Trevor Noah, And Cast Members Of SNL Celebrate Michael Che’s Birthday In NYC

May 21, 20151 Comment

A video posted by Doug Key (@douglaskey) on May 20, 2015 at 1:03am PDT A couple nights ago just as Saturday Night Live finished it’s

michael blackson

Exclusive First Look: Michael Blackson Plays A Fake Akon In ‘Tooken’

May 21, 20152 Comments

A couple days ago we shared news that Liam Neeson’s popular franchise Taken ended up getting spoofed. The upcoming parody entitled Tooken which is¬†co-written by

von roburts

Comedian Under The Radar: Von Roburts Drops Comedy Mixtape ’84West’

May 21, 20151 Comment

Stand-up comedian Von Roburts has decided to take a unique approach to getting his voice heard by putting together a collective for a comedy mixtape.

corey holcomb

Throwback: Back When DeRay Davis And Corey Holcomb Were Guest On Jerry Springer

May 21, 20151 Comment

The internet is an amazing place. Before Corey Holcomb and DeRay Davis took off as some of the most talked about comedians today, they were

chris rock

Chris Rock On Letterman Finale: “I’m Just Glad Your Show Is Being Given To Another White Guy”

May 21, 20151 Comment

Last night host David Letterman closed the curtains to his long-standing career over at The Late Show. As usual he ran down his Top Ten

chris rock

Chris Rock Shows How Things Would Look If He Did Replace David Letterman

May 21, 20152 Comments

Tonight David Letterman will sit at his desk on The Late Show for a final night. The late night host is bringing his 33-year career

karlous miller

Karlous Miller At Kat’s Cafe Episode 4: “Eddie Murphy Is Still The King Of Comedy”

May 20, 20151 Comment

In the fourth episode of Karlous Miller At Kat’s Cafe, he takes us for a trip to have some late night food. As he sits

comedy laugh factory

Comedian Under The Radar: Antoine Young Thinks Coinstar Machines Should Be A Video Game

May 20, 20151 Comment

For a recent performance at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, Antoine Young took a moment to explain his relationship with Coinstar machines. According to

kevin hart

Kevin Hart Expected To Reprise His Role In 2002’s Paper Soldiers, Says Dame Dash

May 20, 20152 Comments

Before Kevin Hart became one of comedy’s biggest names, his career landed him on the set of 2002’s Paper Soldiers. The action film produced by

damien lemon julia kelly

Damien Lemon And Julia Kelly To Help MTV2 Deliver Comedic News, ‘Not Exactly News’

May 20, 20152 Comments

As MTV2 gets ready for what they are calling their #NONSTOPSUMMER, the network revealed it’s summer line up of shows. One show in particular comes

jamie foxx

Jamie Foxx Kills John Legend Impression On Jimmy Fallon

May 20, 20152 Comments

Continuing his series of impressions, Jamie Foxx talked with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. During his visit, Jamie played a game of Wheel of

mike epps

Mike Epps On Late Night With Seth: Shares Making Richard Pryor Laugh, And Meeting Oprah For The First Time

May 20, 20152 Comments

Last night, Mike Epps stopped by as a guest of Late Night with Seth Meyers. During his brief talk with Seth, Mike spoke on his

real husbands of hollywood

Real Husbands Of Hollywood Season 4 Gets Premiere Date In August

May 19, 20151 Comment

Last year just before it’s season 3 premiered, the cast of BET’s Real Husbands Of Hollywood found out they would be renewed for a fourth

hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress Performs Opening Monologue At The Webby Awards: Jokes About The Internet, Uber, And Tinder

May 19, 20151 Comment

Last night, Hannibal found himself hosting this year’s internet based award show, The Webby’s. Before awards were handed out, Hannibal fired off some jokes on

bernie mac

Lil Rel Talks First 1 Hour Special, Family, And Joke Thieves With Royale Watkins

May 19, 20152 Comments

As shared Lil Rel recently took a trip back to his hometown of Chicago to film his first 1 hour comedy special, RELevent. The upcoming

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