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Dave Chappelle Speaks To Students At Duke Ellington School Of The Arts

Dave Chappelle Disses Key & Peele, And Talks The Daily Show [Audio]

Mar 31, 20151 Comment

Ever since sketch comedy series Key And Peele first aired on Comedy Central, they have been receiving comparisons to The Chappelle Show. So you’ve ever


Watch: Karlous Miller Gives Fans A Look At His Comedy Room In Atlanta

Mar 31, 2015No Comments

With an emergence of new talent taking place in comedy, Karlous Miller is one of the current comedy names being discussed amongst fans. This year

steve harvey

Steve Harvey Stunted On His Teacher That Doubted Him By Buying Her A TV Every Year: Talks Start In Comedy

Mar 31, 2015No Comments

Steve Harvey has taken a break from stand-up comedy but still has continued entertaining crowds. As he travels across the country for new motivational tour

dave chappelle

Dave Chappelle Hit With Banana Peel During Show, Fan Arrested

Mar 31, 20151 Comment

Things got interesting the other night for Dave Chappelle, as he performed for fans at Lensic Performing Arts Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A

michael blackson

Michael Blackson Does His Own Roast Of Justin Bieber

Mar 31, 2015No Comments

Last night the roast of singer Justin Bieber aired on Comedy Central. The event invited out several celebrities to take to the podium with a


Whoopi Goldberg Is Cool With Sick Children Using Marijuana

Mar 31, 2015No Comments

Recently Whoopi Goldberg talked with High Times magazine and touched on a pretty controversial topic of medical marijuana being used by sick children. Many feel

hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress Vs. Drunk Heckler During Stop In Delaware

Mar 31, 20151 Comment

Hecklers aren’t new to comedy but their routine can get old pretty quick if you are trying to enjoy a show. As he travels the

justin bieber roast

Watch Full: Comedy Central’s Roast Of Justin Bieber

Mar 31, 20152 Comments

Last night Comedy Central premiered their heavily talked about roast of pop star, Justin Bieber. The event hosted by Kevin Hart, featured a panel of

dick gregory paul mooney

5 Lessons We Learned At Dick Gregory And Paul Mooney’s Comedy Show

Mar 31, 20151 Comment

It is known that some of the best advice or learning lessons can come from your elders. These were just some of the things we

rob gordon

Episode 1: Yuung Funny’s Rob Gordon Introduces ‘Gordon Grind’ Web Series

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

For Rob Gordon of Washington D.C.’s Yuung Funny comedy group he looks to motivate, and inform fans about his everyday ups & downs in comedy.

brandon t jackson

Exclusive: Brandon T. Jackson To Executive Produce And Star In Docu-Series On The Lives Of 5 Comedians

Mar 30, 20152 Comments

For those who don’t know, the life of a comedian can be just as entertaining as their performances on stage. Brandon T. Jackson along with

jamie foxx

Here We Go Again: Jamie Foxx Receives Backlash For ‘Transgender Joke About Bruce Jenner’

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

Every now and then we get a story involving  a comedian making a joke towards the LGBT community, which is followed by some sort of


Heckler Kicked Out Bill Cosby Show In Maryland And Booed By Fans

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

Despite two more women coming forward with allegations of sexual assault, Bill Cosby continues to perform across the country. During his recent stop in Maryland,

comedian capone

Veteran Comedian Capone Puts Promoter On Blast, Fans Upset That He Didn’t Perform

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

We’ve all heard of the stories about janky promoters and the craziness that happens when things turn bad. In 2009, Mike Epps alongside Ice Cube

snl the rock

Saturday Night Live Remakes Disney’s Bambi With The Rock

Mar 30, 2015No Comments

For this past episode of Saturday Night Live, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stepped in as host. One sketch in particular caught out attention when The

lavell crawford

Lavell Crawford Roast Paparazzi For Comparing Him To Bruce Bruce

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

The next time you see Lavell Crawford be sure not to compare him to Bruce Bruce. During a recent outing, TMZ caught with Lavell to

lee daniels

Script For Richard Pryor Biopic Is Finished Says Lee Daniels

Mar 30, 20151 Comment

Lee Daniels (Empire) shared over the weekend that the script for the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic starring Mike Epps is complete. During a flight, Lee

trevor noah

Trevor Noah Announced As The Daily Show Replacement, Chris Rock Thanks President Obama

Mar 30, 2015No Comments

Days after speculations surfaced of Trevor Noah being in talks to replace John Stewart on The Daily Show, reports have now confirmed that he will


Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart On The Daily Show?

Mar 28, 2015No Comments

South African comedian, Trevor Noah may soon be a known name in the states as it has been reported that he is being considered to

jb smoove

J.B. Smoove Talks ‘Banning Fraternities’ On The Nightly Show

Mar 27, 2015No Comments

Last night, J.B. Smoove and panelist sat down with Larry Wilmore on the The Nightly Show. With the recent coverage of a SAE fraternity being

chris tucker

Chris Tucker Speaks On Upcoming Comedy Special: “I Felt That This Is The Right Time To Do It”

Mar 27, 2015No Comments

As shared, Chris Tucker will finally give fans his first ever comedy special. For the upcoming special, Tucker has decided to partner with Netflix to

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Dave Chappelle Speaks To Students At Duke Ellington School Of The Arts

Dave Chappelle Disses Key ...

Ever since sketch comedy series

Mar 31, 2015
dick gregory paul mooney

5 Lessons We Learned At Dick G...

It is known that some

Mar 31, 2015
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Exclusive: Brandon T. Jackson ...

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