For $3.85 Million You Can Live Like Chris Rock In New York City

Chris Rock looks to be adjusting to his new life. According to The New York Post; the comedy vet has recently place his New York carriage house in Brooklyn on the market. The home is up for grabs at $3.85 Million.

(Chris) Bought this Brooklyn carriage house in the 1990s. He moved out shortly after his 1996 marriage to Compton-Rock and has rented it ever since, asking anywhere from $7,950 to $15,000 a month in recent years. Built in 1901, the three-story property has space for two or three bedrooms, depending on the layout, including a stunning 23-foot-wide master suite with skylights. There are also original wood beams running across some ceilings, exposed brick and a patio. If you have a car, the address also has a parking garage with room for two of ’em.


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