5 Comedians Who Could Have Residency Shows In Las Vegas

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What does gambling, great food and an unforgettable night have in common? Las Vegas. Add a great entertainment act to the list of things to do in Sin City, and you’ve got yourself the best vacation ever. Vegas is known for casinos, jaw-dropping magic and star-studded musical acts (think Celine Deon or Jennifer Lopez) which is slightly different than a virtual casino. But many have yet to step outside of the box for a more authentic experience. After you’ve won (or lost) all the money at the casino, eaten all of the stuffed Maine lobster tails and sang along with your favorite musician, what else is there to do? Comedians could revive the desert-town and provide a new spin on entertainment outside of Shaq’s All Star Comedy Weekend. Here is a list of the top five comedians who should take up a residency at a Las Vegas casino.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle went from being one of the greats in comedy to a recluse after Chappelle Show ended back in 2006. Dave rarely hit the stage. After some much needed soul-searching, he slowly returned to comedy on his terms. It would be great to see Dave perform at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, with the same pay as Celion Deon ($476K a show). He’s definitely worth it.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie set the comedy standard in the 1980’s and is considered a living legend today. He starred in everything from hit movies to break out comedy specials. Just because he is still raising a family doesn’t mean he’s not funny. Eddie still has the juice and can prove it at The Mirage Hotel and Casino.

DL Hughley

With the current political landscape who wouldn’t want to hear DL Hughley give his most honest thoughts on stage. The Original King Of Comedy not only will deliver a notable show but his style of clothes perfectly fits the essence of what makes Las Vegas so grand. So after you gamble some of your funds; Hughley’s practical outlook on things will cheer you up if things didn’t quiet work out at the Black Jack table.

george lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez has done it all but a one man show in Las Vegas could be he’s greatest career accomplishment. Amongst those selected for this very article; Lopez offers a unique voice that is not often heard on a grand scale. A show for him in Las Vegas is sure to be historic, so why not make history? With his strong ties in comedy, we would easily expect Lopez to incorporate many of his comedy friends.

Photo By: Motor Trend

Photo By: Motor Trend

JB Smoove

You don’t know what you’re going to get with JB Smoove. He might actually do a magic trick at his show. Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino would be perfect for JB Smoove’s off the cuff humor and unexpected bantor. We wouldn’t mind watching JB’s creative approach to comedy.


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