5 Upcoming Comedians From Ohio You Should Watch

When you hear the word ‘OHIO’; stand-up comedy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Despite it being nationally recognized for it’s prominent college football history, the state actually has a recognized stand-up community. Many comedians find themselves stopping through Ohio in different parts of their tour. But what about the comedians who live there? So this is where we come in and introduce ‘5 Ohio Stand-Up Comedians You Should Watch’.



Mark Gregory isn’t new to the comedy game, he was born into it. His is the nephew of the legendary Dick Gregory! One conversation with Mark and you realize that he never wanted to use his name recognition to come up, he wants the comedy to speak for itself. With a very relatable style, Mark is able to control any audience and also come off the top of the head at any given moment. So be careful if you’re sitting in the front row. He has opened and performed with just about every major name in the comedy game you can think of. He also tours as a headliner. Add the fact that he also has his hands in television writing; Mark is going to be around for a long time!


Ro Tha Realest has been a staple in the Ohio comedy scene for almost 10 years. Originally from Los Angeles, Ro moved to Ohio some years ago and began to develop his comedic craft. Known for his high energy and very engaging style, he makes the audience feel like they’re on a journey together. Don’t get it twisted though, he will roast you if necessary! Ro has open for the likes of Tommy Davidson, Faizon Love, Earthquake, Red Grant, Luenell, Michael Blackson, Lavell Crawford, and more. Later this year he will make his film debut in a movie called, “Holy Hustle”. I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.


From Cleveland, OH, Mike Paramore is the guy who can make you laugh no matter the situation. Mixing a very conversational style along with a little self deprecation, Mike is the guy that we all can relate to. He can take a normal, everyday situation and turn it into a not only something that’s funny but will have you thinking about it in a way you never have before. Mike has opened for comedians like Damon Wayans, Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz, and Jay Pharoah. He also has a comedy out now (Available on iTunes) titled “The Things We Tell Ourselves”. He’s definitely one to watch in 2017!


This is the only comedian on my list that I’ve never seen live before but it doesn’t matter. The Cincinnati bred comedian has been putting in work for a long time and is definitely a crowd favorite. He brings a whole new definition to high energy and I’m sure he never leaves home WITH a filter. The highlight of one of his sets was his Antoinette character (“Ugh……” lol )! If there’s a big name coming through the Cincinnati area, chances are Alcatone will be on the bill.


Super funny dude out of Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve been watching him kill stages for years! He reminds me of that friend you always tell they should do stand-up, only he can actually do it. With relatable content and a steady delivery, he guides you through his set making sure no one is lost along the way. EP had one of his biggest breaks on tour by opening for Eddie Griffin. Sharing the stage with the likes of Luenell, Tommy Davidson A.J. Johnson, Pierre and more, he’s definitely on a lot of radars. Get familiar!


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