ABL Radio Discovers The Art Of Stand-Up With Comedy Hype

Comedy is and will always be apart of the art community. If you’ve followed Comedy Hype since our start you would know that we greatly push for stand-up comedy. Cultural platform ABL Radio is looking to push comedians with their own endeavor and Comedy Hype has been fortunate to help. In a series of interviews; ABL talked with several up coming comedians; some of which you’ve seen on Comedy Hype. The series of interviews hopes to better display that comedians are no different than other art backgrounds. Check out an excerpt of the headlining story and head over to ABLRadio.Com on Wednesdays to enjoy the series;

There are 3 creative elements to stage comedy that can not be overlooked: Word-play, timing, and stage precense/body language. We decided to reach out to a couple of comedians on the rise to get their input on how the art of their craft. I asked Atlanta comedian Joel Byars and Marie Faustin from NYC. 


Joel: “Comedy is similar to music in timing and rhythm. Doing stand-up in front of an audience is a dialogue, not monologue. Listening to the audience is a crucial skill that must be developed in order to achieve optimum timing. The term for being completely in sync with the audience is “roll.” This allows comedians to build momentum and experience a creative flow state that keeps us one step ahead of the audience. Timing is what makes that “in the zone” feeling possible”

Marie Faustin, a NYC comedian and host of The Unofficial Expert Podcast added,

“It’s about the way you pace your jokes on stage as well is when you decide to tell a joke. Someone just died and you’re making jokes in the clothes you wore to the funeral, is it too soon?”

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