Anthony Anderson Shares Why He Won’t Talk About The White Oscars Too Much At The Image Awards

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Don’t expect Anthony Anderson to overly joke about the ‘Oscars So White’ controversy during his hosting gig at this years Image Awards. For the event which airs tonight (Feb. 5)  on TVOne, Anthony went on to preview what he will be talking about for the night to The Hollywood Reporter. In his interview with THR he explained that he does plan to address Oscar talks, but will keep it at a minimum since everyone will probably talk about it. The ceremony airs tonight at 9/8c on TVOne.

How are you planning on addressing it?

We’re not going to harp on it, because I believe everybody who’s going to win an award that night is going to touch upon it. For us to harp on it throughout the show would be like beating a dead horse. But it will be addressed in my monologue at the top of the show — nothing heavy, nothing too serious, other than to talk about the elephant in the room and keep the show moving.

How are you feeling about the way this conversation has progressed? Do you feel like it has been a productive conversation for the industry?

It’s only productive if something comes out of it. Right now it’s a hotbed for discussion. Everyone has something to say about it. But this isn’t new. What everyone is talking about right now in terms of the Oscars isn’t new. It’s just that someone was very vocal about it and it took on a life of its own. Now it’s up to those who feel strongly about this to put their money where their mouth is. What is it that you’re going to do other than talk about it? How can we galvanize minorities in this industry to create our own United Artists and not have to depend on someone or a certain group — go out and create this intellectual property, distribute it ourselves. What’s the plan of attack?



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