Approaching 25 Years Since The Release Of ‘Boomerang’, A Pioneer In Black Romantic-Comedy Films

Almost 25 years after it’s debut, I consider “Boomerang” to be the movie that pioneered the “black romantic-comedy ensemble” genre. The film first hit theaters on July 1, in 1992.


This movie has stood the test of time and influenced films that followed like The Best Man, Think Like A Man, Two Can Play That Game, and Brown Sugar to name a few.  It’s arguable that the cast of this film is one of the best collections of talent ever put together for one project. You obviously have Eddie Murphy at the peak of his career with a great supporting cast including a young Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock who all went on to have superstar status. However the honorable mentions are not to be taken lightly, the cast also featured the legendary Eartha Kitt, Melvin Van Peebles, Robin Givens, David Alan Grier, Grace Jones, Tisha Campbell –Martin, John Witherspoon, Lela Rochon, Geoffrey Holder, and directed by Reginald Hudlin who also brought us the classic “House Party”.

For those of you who have never seen Boomerang (shame on you) it is a must see for any urban comedy fan. To put it simply Boomerang tells the story of Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) a cool, womanizing, high-powered ad executive who meets his match when he falls for the beautiful new executive Jacqueline (Robin Givens). Eventually they have a few “one night stands” and Marcus starts to fall in love with her. However he realizes that Jacqueline is playin’ him and only wanted sex, which reverses the roles of what he is accustomed to. Once a respected “player” by his inner circle, he is now embarrassed around them and disgraced at his workplace. He later rebounds with the more lovable, down-to-earth Angela (Halle Berry), a lower level associate at the company, but the antics between these two events is what makes this movie an all-time classic.

 Here are a few of the top moments from the film to experience all over again!

1. Senior Seduction

Marcus will do anything to run the marketing department after the merger of the companies. All signs suggest that if he “takes down” Lady Eloise the position is his.

2. You Can’t Refuse This!

After getting word of how skilled Marcus is in bed, Strangé wants to find out first hand. However she is turned down and does not handle it well.

3. You Don’t Know What Love Is…

Arguably the most popular scene in the movie is not a comedic one. It’s the classic scene where Angela (Halle Berry) confronts Marcus for being unfaithful. All in all it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 25 years since the release of this movie. With a budget of $42 million, Boomerang grossed $131,052,444 at the worldwide box office, a rarity for an all-black cast in any era. Although we haven’t quite seen ensemble magic like that since, let’s be grateful we had it.

Happy 25th Anniversary!


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