Ben Carson Responds To Jay Pharoah’s SNL Spoofs On Him, Not A Fan

ben carson, jay pahroah

With the current elections taking place, Saturday Night Live has made sure to cover things on the sketch series. One candidate in particular, Ben Carson has become a favorite to watch getting spoofed on the show. In a recent interview with host Al Hunt, the Republican presidential candidate had a chance to share how he felt about getting spoofed by the show over and over. Carson then later expressed what he thought of the impression acted out by Jay Pharaoh.

“Let me put it this way: I’m honored. I’m the only person in history to have four separate segments on ‘Saturday Night Live.’”When Hunt followed up to ask whether Pharoah did a good Ben Carson, the novice politician did not hold back. “Not very good,” he said.


SNL has so far spoofed Carson a reported 5 times on the show, and we can probably be expecting more. Back in December Carson first spoke on getting spoofed by the show.

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