Charlamagne Tha God Calls Out 2 Analyst For Stealing ‘Uncommon Sense’

charlamagne the god

Friday night on MTV2 has been the home of Charlamagne Tha God’s comical and entertaining talk show, Uncommon Sense. On the show, Charlamagne invites friends, rappers, and those from pop culture to share their take on everything from politics to lifestyle. This week apart of ABC’s live streamed content, we can expect another ‘Uncommon Sense’ show but the only thing is Charlamagne is not connected to the project. While on Twitter, after catching wind of the new ABC show with host Matthew Dowd & LZ Granders, Charlamagne didn’t hesitate to call out the two men for stealing his concept. .

According to a written announcement from Matthew Dowd, his show with Granders will be conversations about politics, and pop culture.

“We’d rather fill that space with a fun, fascinating and passionate take on the key events of American politics and culture. So the two of us are coming together to offer some uncommon sense of what is going on in America today.” – Dowd

Following the thievery accusations, Dowd went on to say that his show doesn’t have a title yet but judging from previous tweets ‘Uncommon Sense’ was strongly considered.

uncommon sense

Charlamagne has since went on to note that he will let the people behind the scenes deal with the matter.

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