How Does Your City Crack Jokes Amongst Friends?, Dormtainment Wants To Know

Now we’ve all found ourselves firing off some of our best insults directed towards friends. Depending on where you live, there might be a certain style in how you deliver your best cracks. Comedy group Dormtainment is looking to find out the answer. Just before the Super Bowl airs on Feb. 1st they plan to drop their newest comedy skit based on previous viral, Black Nat Geo (below).

For this newest skit they are looking to get fans involved in which the best submissions would be selected to feature in the new skit. They are curious to see the different styles people roast each other. Rules are simple, upload a video of your roasting style using  the hashtag #DTRoast before Friday (Jan. 30) and sit back to see if you’ll be in the creative piece to see how different we all laugh. They even shared that we can expect two of these type of skits in February.

Black Nat Geo.

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