Cocoa Brown Talks Rise Of Online Comedy And Comedians In Wigs

We will be seeing veteran comedian Cocoa Brown giving some great advice to amateur comedians from March 30th to Jun. 2; Apart of Steve Brown’s first ever Comedy Course in Atlanta, GA. The course will feature a round up of comedy veterans, and social media influencers. Before she lends her voice to the event (info for those interested); Cocoa shared with us her thoughts on what mistakes she saw newer comedians doing and even touched on comedians in wigs. According to her the comedy trend is a bit outdated. Watch a piece of our discussion above.

Now its about social media, its about number…. I’ve never been one to hate on that, you have to adjust…. I’ve seen the business change 10 times since I’ve been in it…. I think a lot of comedians come in wanting that fast fame and because of that there is an air of desperation.

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