Comedian Looks To Find Out ‘When Your “First Time” Was?, Web Series

For those who do not know, my name is Dexter Fugerson aka Dfurg, Furg, darkness so on and so forth. I am a comedian, producer, editor, creator of DexFlix & Chill, Co-host of “The Ignant Agenda” podcast and
creator of “Your First Time”. I produced this series because I figured, who wouldn’t want to know how their favorite entertainer lost their virginity. Normally these types of truths are seen as taboo due to the fear of being
judged, but how Sway? Everyone has had that moment where you may feel ashamed of participating in what you at the time called “sex” and especially if it is your first time. More than likely you “First Time” was roughly planned out and it was undoubtedly horrible and comedic gold. Everyone has a story. Losing your virginity is always a memory cherish no matter how decent or awful the performance on both parties. There is nothing better than taking a stroll down memory lane and comparing stories of frivolous hips thrusts bad booty getting angles and doing what you saw in porn. This series will cause a resurfacing and recollection of the most elaborate yet comical escapades of your life that you want to forget but can’t. In addition to that we secretly want to compare stories to see who has the worst or most elaborate experience, (raises hand slowly). We all think our story is the most asinine ever until you hear of someone stroking their over excited man parts against pure soft Corinthian leather. While it is embarrassing, hilarious and some other third thing, stories like “Your first Time” takes you back to a honest yet simple time in your life. Comedian Tyler Chronicles is the first of many brave souls of entertainers to share their story and will kick off this exciting concept for the masses.

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