Comedian Mario P Tells Comedy Hype About His Epic Night Performing For Lil Wayne And 10,000 People Live On TIDAL

The last time we talked to Mario P he gave us insight into his growing yet humble Comedy empire. The comedian out of Louisiana has alway been a great story teller. Last year following our talk; Mario caught a big break performing in front of 10,000 people in his hometown for Lil Wayne’s Weezyana Fest. From the looks of this moment, Mario was the first comedian to perform like this at Champions Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. So we got a hold of Mario to tell Comedy Hype readers exactly how the break came and why it’s important to “Embrace your wave”.

Mario speaks on his epic night:

This was in August 25th of 2016, five days after my son was born. My mother is a big Lil Wayne fan, and was recently released from jail. (Mario references his first talk with Comedy Hype) She didn’t even now I would perform for Wayne, actually nobody knew. The reason why no one knew at the time was because I could not promote it because they did not know for sure. Two weeks before the Lil Weezy Fest I direct messaged Petey from Wayne’s camp, “The power of social media”.  I sent him my Comedy Hype article and said, “Man I will host for free!” and he responded “We’ll see”. That was a “Yes” to me.  Thursday I circled back and direct messaged Petey and asked him, “Not sure if you remember what we talked about?” and he responded with “Call me”. So I called him. He told me they don’t know, nobody knew, but they didn’t say “No”.  So I get a phone call from Petey, “Lil Wayne would like to meet you a this pop-up shop” At this time Wayne had caught some of my videos online.  When Petey tells me Wayne wants to meet me I was at a sandwich shop, I leave my food, jump in cab, an go. When I get to the gate I dint have to call Petey, police open the gate “What’s up Comedy Goon, come in”. I’m walking through cameras flashing, “Comedy Goon,… Mario P!” I walk up to the front, I don’t take my phone out one time.  I eventually get to Wayne when they call me over and he says “What’s up?” and I say “What’s happening?”. First thing I say, “How’s your family?” He then say’s “How your family?, congratulations on your little boy”. That F’ed me up. That means he was watching. I eventually get to Taz and ask about stage time, “I’m a hold it down”. They didn’t know I held it down on
stage, they only saw my Instagram page.

Saturday morning comes I get me a dope Comedy Goon gear together but still didn’t know for sure. I dint know. 5PM they call me and tell me they’re going to give it to me. They never gave me a time. So time goes by and I get a call from Petey, “Where you at ?, you’re late” I jumped in my partners call I borrowed, and speeding. I get to the docks, and hear “come on Mario!” We get to the door but Petey disappears.  Then I hear “Everybody that doesn’t have credentials get out (I’m panicking) ……… except the Comedy Goon!” Had to embrace my have…. Mack Maine says “Give him 5 minutes”.

Now let me say this, there’s no comedy clubs out here. It was a musical festival. I didn’t know Yo Gotti and the Migos already went. I didn’t know they had a big screen monitor. When I look at everyone it’s pack from the front to back…… So I ended up doing the first 48 joke, these jokes I did that night were 4 years old. You have to go with your for sure shit (material)  Stand-up comedy and comedy clubs had 30% to do with this situation. The rest was mixtapes, and events I was hosting. I do the First 48 joke. The people thought 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne were about to perform but instead this baldheaded pitbull (me) comes shooting out like a bullet, “How y’all doing, I’m comedian Mario P!” Everybody knew you a “Whole Hoe Outchea”.  As I did it I could hear them saying it with me, then I put the mic to the crowd, “You A Whole Hoe Outchea”,  then I said to myself  lets go. Since it was at a Music Fest, I brought out some weed jokes. That was a light blow. Then I brought out my broke jokes. More jabs….. I was killing it so much I start hearing them screaming my name….. Bounced to another joke. Then I did re-seen jokes, and talked about Boyz N’ The Hood. After I killed it, my phone got so many notifications. Do you know the magnitude of that situation? We’re on Tidal baby. I left to get some water and tried to get to back again but the security guard said “No!… you’re funny,  my wife loves you but no..” I didn’t have no credentials to get in…. that was the Cinderella story over with.

– Mario P.

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