Comedian Sco Bubble Dies In Atlanta, Comedians React

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Chicago native, comedian Randy “Sco Bubble” Traylor, has died at the age of 55, Comedy Hype has learned. Traylor, known as Sco Bubble, had been permitted to Atlanta’s Grady Hosiptal for cancer on March 26, 2015. It was confirmed on Monday evening of May 25, 2015 that he lost his fight.

The comedian who may not have been known to millions, was still considered a respected figure within the comedy scene. Some of comedy’s biggest names considered Sco as a friend and mentor, including Mike Epps, Corey Holcomb, and Lavell Crawford. Back in 2000, Sco relocated from his hometown of Chicago to call Atlanta home. There in Atlanta, he performed predominantly out of Uptown Comedy Corner and quickly became a recognized figure. Even when he wasn’t on stage, Sco always manged to steal the scene thanks to his detailed attire. Fans who frequented Uptown, always knew they could expect the comedian dressed ready for any big event.

His style on stage was mixed with life experiences and an honest perspective from his days in the streets. Key phrases like you “Unnastan Me!” and “Chuurch” where all apart of his show. On many ocassions people would leave with some of Sco’s rememberable quotes after their first encounter.

“Like my man Sco Bubble says!! You can’t live sucka-free in a world full of lollipops!!!”, D.L. Hughley quoted back in 2014.

Just before Sco’s passing was confirmed, a few comedians shared their final goodbye with the comedian on Instagram. Check out the slides above. Few like him. A legend in his world. Comedy remember’s Randy “Sco Bubble” Traylor.

Fight on.

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  1. YourRealDaddy

    Much Love to the Family of Sco Bubble. Hang in there kin folk.( MURDA)