Comedian Uses Comedy To Build Confidence And Break Down Bullying In Baltimore, Comedian Big Fred Introduces ‘Lil Laughs’ Program

Baltimore City native and comedian channels his passion for youth empowerment and his own story of experiencing childhood bullying through the launching of an innovative after school program called “Lil’ Laughs.” A component of its parent company, Big Laughs Company, Lil’ Laughs seeks to combat the self-esteem issues that plague students everyday and build confidence through an anti-bullying campaign fueled by comedy.

Growing up in Baltimore, Fred Watkins, Founder of Big Laughs Co., experienced traumatic events that are all to common for Baltimore’s youth. Losing a parent, growing up on government assistance, trying to find an identity in the midst of the streets was an open door for bullies and other negative influencers.

“There were times I can honestly look back on now and say that I’m extremely grateful God led me out of certain situations, people, and environments. But this program will help other young people find their self identity to help navigate to the positive outcomes they deserve.” – Fred Watkins Jr, founder and comedian.

Through self confidence, strengthening of communication skills, and mediation methods; students participating in this program will have a better chance at a brighter future, and furthermore be able to pursue challenging careers with even greater success & confidence.

“Low self-esteem is something we all experience, but bullying, a response to low self-esteem, fuels self hate to another level. And the cycle continues from there. If we can build confidence, through the expressions of comedy and laughter, not only can we desensitize the effects of bullying, we can also prevent it by building acceptance at key moments in life.” 

Lil’ Laughs focuses on the key attributes that make each of us unique and brilliant individuals. We use comedy and improv to deliver the message and to take the fear away from bullying. We utilize our talent and network while involving other notable personalities to promote inclusion and partnerships with no barriers.

To keep up with Lil’ Laughs, or if you’d like more information please visit and follow @Bigfredcomedy on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.

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