Comedy Hype: Actress Angell Conwell Looks Back On Filming ‘The Wash’ And How She Knew Kevin Hart Would Be A Star


This Saturday TVOne will be helping fans get better acquainted with an actress who is very familiar with the comedy world, Angell Conwell. Conwell is gearing up for the premiere of newest film ‘Merry Ex-Mas’ as well as a new season of Family Time on Bounce TV. In a recent talk with Comedy Hype; Conwell went on to look back at filming comedy classics The Wash and Soul Plane with Kevin Hart.


Like many actresses in Hollywood, Angell has been a familiar face on the TV and silver screens. But unlike most actresses, she’s managed to add longevity to her career. Many remember Angell from her roles in The Wash, Baby Boy, Soul Plane and That’s So Raven, but few realize just how long the ageless beauty has been in the acting business. With a career dating back to 1994, Angell managed to grow up on screen and work alongside some of comedy’s greatest legends in the process. Angell shares her funniest moments on set of The Wash and why she isn’t surprised that Kevin Hart is the household name that he is today.

On The Set Of The Wash

The funniest moment happened when one day I had the giggles. I mean I couldn’t stop laughing. There was a smoking scene going on and nothing was happening, so I thought. But then out of nowhere I was laughing out of control. I kept laughing and complaining of being hungry in between scenes. It wasn’t long before everyone figured out what had happened. Everyone was nervous because I was just 17, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

On Why She Knew Kevin Hart Would Be A Household Name

He was just a hard worker then. He has the same work ethic now that he had back then.

On Dec. 10th Angell takes on another role alongside another comedian, London Brown for TVOne’ original film Merry Ex-Mas. Check out the trailer below.


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