Comedy Hype: ‘Almost Christmas’ With JB Smoove, Mo’Nique, And DC Young Fly Comes Right On Time


You got to love the times of the year that brings family together and one of those times are movies for the holiday season. “Almost Christmas” is right on time in the midst of the current state of, not only the country but the world, to remind us how family should be despite circumstances…and that’s filled with love.

From film makers Will Packer and David E. Talbert, creators of box office hits like “Think Like A Man”, “Ride Along 1&2”, “Takers” and “This Christmas”…”Almost Christmas” is one sure to be loved!

A story most families know too well of losing the family glue and still trying to maintain the bond afterwards. As the father, played by acting vet Danny Glover, tries to have one last Christmas in the family home, the story is filled with all too familiar traditions that makes holidays memorable.


Brilliantly cast with major talent from the eldest to the youngest. With Hollywood greats like Gabriel Union to Kimberly Elise to Omar Epps to Nicole Ari Parker and special cameos from our favorites in the entertainment industry, “Almost Christmas” feels like the cameras were on in our own homes and were watching our holidays recreated.

Every family has an “Aunt Mae” and if you don’t recognize who “Aunt Mae” is in your family…you’re the aunt Mae!

Comedian/actor Mo’Nique delivers that divafied, super-star aunt we all love and live our lives vicariously through; showing us once again why she is an award-winning actress and that comedy definitely still is her core in this film.

Mo’Nique delivered a performance that was not only hilarious perfection in every scene but touched hearts bringing tears to every eye.

JB Smooth is always a funny addition to anything he is apart of. Mo’Nique and Smooth’s on air riffs were comical! Could of been scripted but I doubt it! Absolutely priceless!

When there’s one person on the field at a family holiday pick-up football game in full uniform; pads and all…you knew DC Young Fly was bringing much of his personality to his first feature film; showing he is not just an Internet sensation but he can hold his own in a film full of stars.

“Almost Christmas” out Nov. 11 is a must see. It will not disappoint.


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