Comedy Hype Review: Why ‘Luke Cage’ Is Needed More Than Ever By Comedian Mark Gregory



By Mark Gregory

Marvel’s new Netflix series Luke Cage confirms what we already know about police shootings. Friday, September 30th Netflix released a series about a Black Super hero. When I saw the trailer I was excited. For far too long we have wanted a super hero that represents us on the big screen or on tv. With our swag, lingo & over all cool factor. What is his power you ask? Bullet proof, indestructible skin. Not speed like Flash or Superman’s flight, but bullet proof skin? The timing of Luke Cage’s release to me is a clear indicator that even Hollywood realizes Americas problem. That there have been too many unarmed Black men that have been shot by the police. Initially I thought he was slighted. Why couldn’t he have a cooler power? Then I began to think. Super hero’s work late at night or early in morning hours. Mostly in crime ridden neighborhoods & he could easily be mistaken for a criminal. Therefore, to ensure his safety from the police bullet proof skin was the best decision. I’m sure even Luke Cage objected to the higher ups at Marvel & proposed a cooler super power like mental telepathy or invisibility. Their response, you’ll be a Black man in America. Trust us, this is the best option for you.


Mark G.

Often times movies are a reflection of society’s reality. In 1986 Orion Pictures produced a movie entitled Robo Cop. Robo Cop was a Detroit police officer that was shot multiple times in an attempted arrest. His wounds were so severe the only way he could be saved was by placing the remains of his body in a robotic suit. The movie depicts Detroit as a lawless city in which the police force had been rendered ineffective. The only person that could restore order was a robot. Just the notion of that is beyond belief. A country with the strongest standing army in the world can restore order almost anywhere on the globe with the presence of soldiers. Yet here in the states, the only hope for peace in a crime ridden city is a Robot? Now, the movie was fiction, yet there is still an element of truth to be extracted from the storyline of the movie. The late 80’s was the beginning of the crack epidemic and violence in Detroit was a dark reality. Fast forward to today. As of September, 2016. 855 people have been killed by the police. Harvard researchers have called upon US Public Health agencies to consider police killings public health issues. Looking at those numbers it’s safe to say that this is America’s current dark reality. Which is why there has always been an uneasy feeling we get at the sight of police. I know Batman had the Bat symbol, but I’m not sure how you get Luke Cages attention. Wear your wave cap & let the cape flap into the wind or tap a box of Newport’s 4 times on your dash board. What ever it takes, I’m definitely going to summon him during my next traffic stop to shield me if things go awry.

By Mark Gregory

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