Comedy Talk: Trey Moe And Royale Watkins Discuss New Film ‘Dying Laughing’, And Coming Up In Comedy Today

On Feb. 24 new film Dying Laughing will officially hit theaters. The film focuses on the art of stand-up comedy and the world around it. From the look of the trailer; audiences will get a chance to hear one on one commentary from some of the greatest stand-up comedians. Royale Watkins who features in the film recently had a chat with comedy new comer Trey Moe. The two men discussed comedy, career paths, and much more for a shared discussion with Comedy Hype.

TM: I was at the premiere of Dying Laughing, really good, How do you see comedy right now?

RW: Comedy is always going to be comedy. What individuals choose to do with the art form is going to be up to them. You got Kevin Hart out there, Dave Chappelle, you got Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy… I look at the global landscape of comedy rather than what cats are doing on stage in this one particular place… it’s so much bigger than that. I look at what you’re doing online, King Bach, The Christi Show, Ryan Davis and others. Cats are creating different lanes from themselves. Comedy is back, for sure.

TM: That’s how I’m feeling … I say that the last three years it’s been kind of weird. You know with the boom of the internet. It took things into outer-space and cats didn’t know where to go. People are now actually trying to find their lane. At first when the internet hit it didn’t seem like nobody knew where to go.

TM: I do think the game is lacking a little bit of sketch right now. We have Saturday Night Live but we don’t have solid sketch.

RW: The sketch players are out there. You give me you, The Christi Show, Ryan Davis and I can do a sketch show tomorrow. What we did with Kevin Hart during the halftime of the Super Bowl was basically a sketch show. Kevin was walking through a house and we just set up sketches…. The players are there but where’s the real estate? Kevin’s thing was on his Facebook page. One person with a Facebook page that has 23 Million plus viewers is a network.. I don’t care how you look at it.

TM: That Kevin Hart Half-Time Super Bowl Show was innovative, who’s idea was that?

RW: I had an idea, a buddy of mine told me about how when he was at FOX they launched In Living Color and they stole like 25 million viewers from CBS who had the Super Bowl at the time. Then I started with the “What if”? We actually pitched the concept to Levity and they looked at us like we were goofy about two years ago. Fast forward to last year, Kevin flew me out to Minnesota and he wanted me to see his What Now comedy show during his tour. I had just finished working the Lil Rel comedy special for his company at the time. Then he asked me what else I got? When he did, that’s when I pulled out the whole bible of stuff. [Laughs]

TM: In Dying Laughing, you probably had one of the many touching moments. I don’t think people know what you have to go through to be a comic…

RW: Here’s the thing, I’m fortunate to be in this film. Suli McCollough is my dude. I’m fortunate because of the relationship I have with Suli allowed me to get pulled into this project I had no idea would turn into this. The Def Jam comedy story and the Bernie Mac story that I gave in the film was something I had not even considered for so long… you just were getting a very real response to me missing a human being that I actually loved because he (Bernie Mac) offered so much to me.

TM: How do you feel about the young comics that you see coming up?

RW: I’m excited to a certain degree. I watch a lot of young comics taking some chances. The internet is a double-edge sword because it’s giving them an audience. But I think the young comics are taking that audience for granted. That audience will show up but you have work hard for them to show up more than once or twice. For the most part I’m inspired. When I see these young cats it makes me want to get to the comedy club.

Royale begins asking Trey about his carrer, and most talked about project with the puppet Keisha.

RW: Tell me where do you see your character Keisha evolving in the next year?

TM: I see a pilot. I been working on a pilot that I want to pitch… I’m going to write like an internet series for her. Keisha is not really a puppet, you know. I treat her like she’s real life. I’m writing a whole storyline around her from her getting pregnant to all of that. The last one I put out on her got a million views, so if I go to a network with 15 million views a month they would take a chance on me. I’m writing to translate to TV.

RW: See this is the thing that I hear; a cat like you that has TV in mind. The internet is open 24 hours a day, why are you not wanting to be your own network?

TM: I’m not trying to leave the internet but I need that TV stamp. The reason why I need that TV stamp is the same reason why Kevin is on BET… It gives you that face value stamp of relevancy… I need that when I go on tour. That’s where I see myself going. The only people selling out in my hometown are the internet talent so that says something too.

RW: What’s the big picture for you right now?

TM: I have a few projects, I want to make a connection with the people …. (Royale: That’s too vague).. Ok my bad [Laughs] I’ve been shooting Facebook videos for Keisha and that’s my goal right now. I recently got into Sundance festival based off a script I did for this internet series called Lame Lance. As of right now I’m going to keep working on these videos…. I’m going to keep pushing out these videos then in the Spring I’m going to try to do a 8 city-run….. I believe if you get 20-30 Millions views a week they can’t ignore the numbers… but then again if they do you still will be a millionaire.

RW: I’m going to give you one piece of advice. Take out the whole network piece. Take the Keisha joint and expand her world. When you make the show more than just the two of you… then make the deal that allows you to tap into way more followers and get into a situation that allows you to own what you need to know. Jerry Seinfeld just took Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee to Netflix because he owns it. If you have the audience; TV is going to chase you.

Dying Laughing preps to hit theaters next week.


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