Corey Holcomb Is Upset Over Lebron James’s Eric Garner Support: “I Can’t Breathe”

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A couple nights ago NBA star Lebron James attempted to show his support for the protest in connection to the death of New York resident, Eric Garner. Garner’s death was noted to be a result of a choke hold by police officers (on film) during his arrest, which ignited protest across the country when the officer wasn’t indicted. The term “I can’t breathe”, known as Garner’s last words has been used as a saying to spread awareness on his death. NBA players through out the league have been warming up in T-shirts with the ‘saying’ as a silent protest. NBA mega-star Lebron James also was one of the many players to participate in wearing the shirt but it seems his lack of boldness on speaking up about the issue has stand-up comedian Corey Holcomb upset. For his radio show ‘5150’, Holcomb went on to express his disappointment in James’s lack of not being more direct on why he wore the shirt when asked.

“Thats the point I want to make, on what I saw happen to Lebron yesterday… he had on that shirt that said, “I can’t breath.” The man had the mic and said, “Why do you have that shirt on?” Lebron said… “shout-out to the family” (Co-Host Zo Williams in the background). And when he said that I was so f*cking mad. To be honest it changed me from Lebron, because you’re only on top for so long. You don’t have the courage being the best player in the NBA to stand-up and say, “I have this shirt on because I’m upset that those Caucasian racist officers murdered that kid, they piled on him, choked him to death, and nothing happened, that’s why I have this shirt on?,” Holcomb expressed.

As their conversation continued Holcomb, Williams and co-hosts touched on ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith, who has suggested that blacks playing in the NBA can be viewed as a privilege. Listen to part of what Holcomb had to say below.

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  1. LeBron and the other players are merely demonstrating that they are uninformed, media-brainwashed chumps.

    The media KNOWS that the neck restraint used on Garner was NOT a
    “chokehold”, did NOT choke Garner or restrict his breathing at all. It’s
    a humane martial arts technique that has prevented injury to thousands of
    combative suspects and it does not restrict the airway at all.

    The media KNOWS that Garner, who was morbidly obese and had high blood
    pressure, gave HIMSELF a heart attack by resisting
    arrest and fighting with police.

    Ask any nurse, paramedic or
    EMT and they will tell you that if a person can speak, they can breathe.
    It’s common for a person having a heart attack to feel like they can’t

    These FACTS are the reason that the Grand Jury did not indict the police officer.

    The police did not kill Garner, he
    over-stressed his body and died of a heart attack. The media knows
    this, but continues to report the LIE of “the police chokehold death of
    Eric Garner”

    This is the case in every one of the deaths where
    the police were involved. The media withholds facts, twists the truth,
    and outright lies to create racial incidents where none exist.

    Race riots, fires, assaults, and even murder make for exciting video and
    reporting. It causes more people to watch the news and read the
    newspapers. The more people watching and reading, the more the
    advertising revenues.

    NEVER believe that the media is about “news.” It’s about entertainment and ratings.

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