Damon Wayans Jr. Takes A Jab At Sony’s Decision To Not Release Comedy ‘The Interview’

damon wayans jr

Over the last several weeks, Sony studios have been under an attack of email hackings, due to some wanting to stop the release of comedy, The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco. The hackings have been in connection to North Korea, since the film shows an assassination of the countries current leader Kim Jong-Un. Well it looks as though the hackers have won, today Sony shared that they will no longer move forward with the film’s release. For Damon Wayans Jr. the film not being released, wasn’t good news. Following the announcement, Damon took to Twitter to pretty much point out that if the tables were turned, Americans probably would help fund this type of film.

“Was really looking forward to seeing the “Interview” too. Smh. We do not negotiate with terrorists. We just do exactly what they say. If N. Korea made a movie about killing Obama, half of our country would literally help fund it.”

Just last week the email hackings revealed that a Sony executive felt Kevin Hart was a ‘money whore’, which he later responded.

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