Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock Shared The Stage Again, This Time In New Orleans

So they’ve been talking about it for years on how we could see two comedy titans on stage together traveling the world for a comedy tour. Well we haven’t seen a tour but we have had some moments between Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. This weekend while in New Orleans; Chris Rock surprised audience members at his show with an appearance from Dave Chappelle. Not only was Chappelle in attendance but they were also joined by Eric Andre, Jeff Ross, and for another night Hannibal Buress. We had a little fun on Instagram and asked what would the name of their tour be? Hit the link to see what people thought.

Dave Chappelle had another surprise for New Orleans, and this time, he had Chris Rock to thank for the opportunity.  Chappelle, who treated New Orleans like a playground during his four-night run at the Saenger Theatre that coincided with the NBA All-Star weekend and Mardi Gras, co-starred during the first of Rock’s own three-night gig in the same theater Saturday (March 25). The resulting comedic duo offered a hilarious, ribald and unexpected performance, though marked occasionally by brief slow moments in a show that was obviously unanticipated even to its stars.  “I know I was just here,” Chappelle said to open what became the pair’s 90 minute set, which began with Chappelle striding onstage underneath Rock’s giant logo on a screen above his head. Chappelle sauntered in, one hand grasping a microphone and the other a cigarillo that left a trail of smoke behind him as the audience realized what was happening and roared to its feet.  “Tonight, you are all part of a social experiment. … Stranger things have happened in New Orleans,” Chappelle deadpanned to the audience, which included other celebrities like Tyra Banks and Rosario Dawson.


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