Donald Glover Officially Casted As Simba In ‘The Lion King’ Remake

Donald Glover is taking on epic roles one moment at a time. Not too long ago we found out that Glover had joined an upcoming Star Wars film and now he has taken on another franchise. It was revealed yesterday that he now will take on the iconic role of Simba in an upcoming reboot of The Lion King. Wonder what this means for his series Atlanta?

It seems like every week there is a new reboot in the works that leads to thousands of angry tweets of “you’re literally killing my childhood!!!” and general malaise that nothing gold can stay. So, when it was announced that Jon Favreau would be tackling one of Disney‘s best, The Lion King, with a live action reboot (or at least as “live action” as it can be with CGI animals), it sent many 90s kids into an emotional tailspin. Despite the fact that Favreau’s The Jungle Book was shockingly good, the classic retelling of Hamlet on the savannah is almost a sacred entity. However, Favreau figured out a way to get people fully onboard with some truly genius casting. With a couple of tweets on Friday evening, Favreau announced that Donald Glover would be taking on the role of Simba and, perhaps most importantly, James Earl Jones will be returning to the role of Mufasa, ensuring that your childhood remains alive and well.


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