Eddie Murphy Confirms ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Is Now Closer To Begin Filming

The last time Eddie Murphy discussed Beverly Hills Cop he suggested that a script for a fourth installment wasn’t quite up to par. Of course by hearing that statement some felt that it may mean we would never see Murphy back as the witty police officer from Detroit. Now in a new discussion with the LA Times; Murphy has revealed that the movie actually now has a script he appreciates. In the same conversation he revealed several projects he’s working on including one expected with Tracy Morgan. Eddie even acknowledged that a stand-up tour is on the menu of things to do.

Excerpt from LA Times

LT: What about the scripts you mentioned? Are you like Prince with a vault?

[Laughs] I have a vault with a bunch of scripts, yeah.

LT: Will we see any of these made soon? Like I heard about one, “Buck Wonder, Super Slave.”

Now that’s very edgy. I play a slave called Buck Wonder. And I also play the slave master, as well as Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. It’s a bedtime story that an old man is telling his grandson about the true story of slavery and the Civil War. It’s a parody of superhero movies and slave movies. It’s pretty funny.

LT: I also heard about an R-rated, animated talking-animal movie.

That’s “The Misadventures of Fluffy.” I was in New York years ago and there was a show dog that got loose in Central Park overnight. And they did a news story and the dog was laying on the couch traumatized. I was wondering: “What happened to that dog in Central Park?” So I wrote “Fluffy.” How do you know about “Fluffy”?

LT: It’s out there. “Buck Wonder,” “Fluffy” and a movie about two brothers inheriting a black circus.

We actually might be getting ready to do that one. “The Jenkins Brothers Fabulous Mystical Magical Right-On Circus.” I think I’m going to do that with Tracy Morgan. And “Beverly Hills Cop” is actually closer than it’s ever been. They’ve got a good screenplay from the guys who did the last “Mission Impossible” movie. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it. So there’s a bunch of things that could happen in the next year or two.

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