Entrepreneur Jabari Johnson Is Adding More ‘Color’ To Comedy, Introduces New Live Show

jabari johnson

Comedy is an ever growing culture especially now since the internet is allowing a new market of fans to be reached. One person who sees the potential of what new experience comedy can have, is creator Jabari Johnson. For Jabari, comedy is a new frontier with a lot of endless possibilities.

The modern day rennasaince man first made a name for himself in several ways with documenteries to most recently a series of pop-up parties under his COLORS company. His parties have be known to reach in parts of Los Angeles, New York City, and D.C. Now after making connections within comedy, Jabari is setting up shop to bring fun and new experience to live audiences with his COLORS Comedy (below). Under the new venture, Jabari has kicked off a series of live stand-up shows in Los Angeles. During his first run, the likes of Quinta Brunson, Dormtainment, and Ron G took to the stage.

At glance, Johnson’s run in comedy will help bring a newer set of eyes unto the traditionally older environment of stand-up comedy. The cool kids who once stood in front of musical stages are now being guided to comedy stages thanks to people like Jabari and COLORS comedy. It’s time to introduce stand-up to a new audience.

You can look out for COLOR’s newest comedy events on their main hub, here.

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