ESPN: Leslie Jones Gives Advice To Knicks Forward Kristaps Porzingis

In a fun talk with Knicks Forward Kristaps Porzingis, Leslie Jones got a chance to share her basketball advice. The two recently got together apart of a feature with ESPN. For some of their talk, Leslie who happens to be a die hard Knicks fan, decided to take the moment to give any advice she could think of for Porzingis.

Leslie Jones has been an athlete longer than she has been a comedian, playing basketball from junior high through college at Colorado State. The oldest cast member hired by “Saturday Night Live,” Jones, 49, bleeds passion for everything from stand-up to trash TV to her adopted team, the New York Knicks. Ahead of a sit-down with Knicks power forward Kristaps Porzingis for ESPN The Magazine, Jones talked with Allison Glock about height, her family’s influence and what to do when the trolls come out.

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