Get Out’s Lil Rel Joined Chris Rock’s ‘Total Blackout Tour’ For A Few Nights

Fans who’ve never had a chance to see Lil Rel’s stand-up performance is about to have several opportunities. A few days ago the Chicago based comedian and MTV Award winner officially began teaming up with Chris Rock for his Total Blackout Tour. It unknown as to how many dates Rel will feature during the tour but this is huge news for him as he keeps up his career’s momentum. Fellow comedian Chris Spencer also has joined the tour to help with the laughs. In a post shared on Instagram; Rel documented his emotions about being on the tour as they stopped through Texas.

Doing these dates on the Total Black Out Tour has been great… Just getting a chance to chop it up with amazing people the last few days have been fun!!!! #TotalBlackOutTour #GreatTimes #Austin

Dates for The Total Blackout Tour here

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