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Comedy Hype serves as a platform to reflect the current state of comedy from all backgrounds. Here we will laugh and learn about what’s happening in comedy today and you can help! With your user rights on CH’s network; you can now share and write any comedy related story for the rest of CH’s readers to read and enjoy. For people looking to build their network this is a great tool to use as a way to attract people to yourself. Each post will feature your user profile within the content of every story you write. Your user profile allows people to follow you and stay up to date with whatever you choose. Below are the simple requirements to guarantee that your post will be shared apart of ComedyHype.Com’s latest news, after review;

No Flyers: It is completely encouraged to use CH’s posting privileges as a way to promote something you are directly attached to BUT we ask that you present a constructive story that is entertaining to read. A flyer will not be enough to convince people to check out your show or project. Try a review of your comedy related project or even interview someone attached to the project. You can even embed online videos and add pictures to help tell your story.

Minimum of 300 words: As a way to ensure your stories are entertaining to readers; we expect your story to be at least 300 words. There isn’t a word maximum but we recommend 300-500 words for an interesting story.

No threatening content, religious & political agendas, blatant bullying of public figures and others: People are coming here to laugh and be informed so if you feel like roasting someone, by all means do so, but be sure that you include jokes and a comedic perspective to your roast. CH wants to be the comedic perspective on all things happening in culture so your subjects are expected to reflect that. Religious & political related stories are okay but be sure they stay in the lane of comedy. We will not post anything that we feel is offensive to one group of people. Jokes not hate.

Comedy Hype has the final decision to publish any submitted stories.



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