Hannibal Buress Talks About His Bill Cosby Joke On Newest Netflix Special, Says His Sex Life Improved

hannibal buress

Though he’s been hesitant about discussing his involvement with being an alleged whistle blower on Bill Cosby’s sexual allegations, Hannibal Buress look to have saved his thoughts on his newest special. On Friday, Hannibal’s Comedy Camisado began streaming on Netflix and in the midst of telling jokes we got a chance to hear his more honest reaction to the things that followed when his Bill Cosby joke went viral.

“That situation got out of hand. Yikes… I was just doing a joke at a show! I didn’t like the media putting me at the forefront of it. They were sly dissing me in the news: ‘Unknown Comedian Hannibal Buress…’ ‘Brokeass comedian… Homeless comedian Hannibal Buress took the stage in Philly, covered in rags……People were writing me, ‘Bill Cosby’s not a rapist, you are.’ What?! That’s not how that works…. Who knew that off-hand joke about Cosby raping would lead to me having … amazing consensual sex across the country.”


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