Here’s 3 Big Wins SNL Will Be Seeing From Dave Chappelle’s First Time Hosting


On November 12th, Saturday Night Live is getting one of it’s biggest visits since the shows beginning. Dave Chappelle for the first time ever will visit Studio 8H to take over as the shows host. Now not only does this mean we will be able to check out new material from Chappelle but it also means Saturday Night Live will be getting wins similar to what some see playing live casinos.

We went ahead to list 3 major wins Saturday Night Live is certain to see by inviting Dave Chappelle to host it’s upcoming show. Check it out.


The timing for the upcoming Saturday Night Live episode finds itself right after the aftermath of one of the country’s most shocking presidential elections. Chappelle himself made the headlines with his commentary on the recent election. Not only will people be tuning in to see Chappelle’s perspective on Donald Trump becoming the next president of The United States but it will be the first time in years we all could be seeing him return to live sketch. the last time we saw Dave doing a live sketch on national TV was all the way back in 2006 with Chappelle Show. Those two factors alone will do nothing but bring in millions of eyeballs to SNL.



It’s no secret that most of Saturday Night Live’s humor and audience fit the mold of middle America. A lack of diversity on the show has been at the forefront several times. When Chappelle first took to television with his then Chappelle Show on Comedy Central; it brought everyone together. Since The Chappelle Show there hasn’t been many comedy projects to bring in such a unique audience which only makes this moment rememberable. Even those who play live games will more than likely tune in to see what Chappelle could reveal. In situations similar to these SNL saw an increase in urban viewership which reflected across social media platforms.


SNL is already a historic institution that brought us some of the most iconic comedy moments to date. Chappelle hosting the upcoming show will be just that, Iconic. Let us remind you that this is the same man who decided to walk away from a reported $50 Million by not moving forward with his show. The way that type of money looks is only comparable to someone who has won playing live casino hundreds of times. It’s been 10 years since we have seen Chappelle in this fashion on TV and with the current state of America; History has no choice to be made.

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