Here’s The Trailer Of Neal Brennan’s Netflix Special, ‘3 Mics’

A while ago Neal Brennan began a new approach in stand-up comedy by presenting his one man show, 3 Mics. Just as the title suggest; Brennan hits the stage with three actual mics in front of a live audience. Well it appears like Chappelle, now Brennan will be premiering his special with the streaming network.

Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan is taking multitasking to a whole new level in his new Netflix special, 3 Mics, which features the comedian switching between — you guessed it — three different microphones symbolizing three different styles of comedy. One is for traditional stand-up, another is for one-liners, and the third is for short confessional monologues, or what the trailer calls “emotional stuff.” Sound a bit tough? He’s had some practice: Brennan performed 3 Mics off-Broadway in 2016 — and even got the stamp of approval from John Legend, who produced the show.

Drops Jan. 17th

Online Now

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