Issa Rae Says She Fears “Publicly Bombing” Like Will Smith, Talks With GQ


Today GQ, would release it’s feature on Issa Rae apart of their latest Comedy Issue. Upon remaking some classic sitcoms for her GQ shoot, Rae also provided some insight on how she currently feels with her life at the moment. In the write-up, GQ’s writer Zach Baron would spend some time speaking with Rae about ‘Insecure’ and handling her recent success. Towards the end, Rae would get quite vulnerable and share that she fears the moment when things go bad. In particular the pressure she’s facing with the newest season of ‘Insecure’. As she would put it, “Where are my Will Smith bombs coming?”, to reference the times Will Smith faced some tough moments in his career. Read the excerpt, below. Insecure season 3 heads to TV on August 12th.

GQ: You’re on the third season of a popular show—I’d describe that as success.

“That could go to shit,” Rae says. “This could be the worst season we’ve ever had. And then what? Then people are all of a sudden like, ‘Oh, okay.’ Then the calls stop. It’s like stand-up comedy: In order to eventually succeed, you have to bomb. That’s what every comedian says—that’s when the fear goes away. And I feel like I’m still fearful because I haven’t publicly bombed yet, in terms of my career. Yeah, Insecure is successful now, but where’s my bomb coming? Where are my Will Smith bombs coming? Where, where is that happening?”…“He went through a period when he was depressed, when three or four of his movies in a row weren’t number one at the box office. So for him that was terrible. And now he’s talking about, ‘You gotta fail, you gotta fail.’ ” She pauses. “And I don’t want to make Instagram speeches about failing. I don’t.”

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