Jaleel White Doesn’t Seem Too Optimistic About A ‘Family Matters’ Reunion

Jaleel White is headed back to TV for upcoming series ‘Me, Myself, and I’ on CBS. The former child-star appears to be grateful for another opportunity on network television. In a new interview with CBS News, Jaleel touched on the possibility of a Family Matters reunion and how life was for him growing up as Steve Urkel. Check out an excerpt of his interview. When directly asked about a reunion with his former Family Matters cast, Jaleel’s response hinted that Warner Bros. doesn’t really have it on their agenda.  You can read the full story here.

CBS: “Family Matters” ran for nine seasons, and you started filming when you were 12. What was it like growing up being labeled as “Steve Urkel,” and how did you transition out of that role?

It wasn’t easy when I got to college, because that’s where every kid feels like they’ve reached their peak of cool. My work that I had done was being appreciated by a younger generation and the kids that actually grew up with me were into Chris Tucker movies and Tupac. People don’t realize I’m very much [part of the] Biggie-Tupac generation. I have very fond memories myself of that time period that they just wouldn’t identify me being a part of. That was probably my toughest period, my early 20s trying to fit in.

CBS: It’s been nearly 20 years since “Family Matters” ended. Do you think you’ll always be somewhat of a Steve Urkel to people?

To a certain generation, you’ll always be one thing. My daughter could care less about what I’ve done. It’s so funny. My mom’s tried to introduce her to episodes and she giggles, but then she goes right back to YouTube. What excites me most about “Me, Myself and I” is I think it could be a “Wonder Years,” “Malcolm in the Middle” for her generation if we do our job right.

CBS: Would you ever be open to a “Family Matters” reunion and putting those suspenders back on?

That’s completely up to Warner Bros. But think about it. We didn’t end up on Netflix. We ended up on Hulu. That can kind of give you a hint on what progress has or has not been made there. That’s why I just feel great that they saw fit to put me in this and give me a chance to do something that feels current.

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