JB Smoove Features In A New ‘Uncle Drew’ AD For The NBA All-Star Game

JB Smoove returns for another feature with Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew for Pepsi. This time around the old fellas talk about the NBA All-Star game and debate whether it’s points or votes. It turns out that Pepsi looks to further push their Uncle Drew character by announcing a movie in the works, so we could be seeing more JB.

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving will star in a movie that will turn his Pepsi commercial character, Uncle Drew, into a full-length feature film, a company official confirmed Thursday. “Pepsi and Kyrie Irving are looking forward to expanding the Uncle Drew universe,” Lou Arbetter, who is general manager of Creators League Studio, Pepsi’s new in-house production company, said in a statement. News of the film being in the works was first reported last week by Variety, which quoted writer Jay Longino saying that the goal is to work a bevy of NBA stars into the movie.


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