Jimmy Fallon Now Has His Own Ride At Universal Studios

More than jokes. Jimmy Fallon has now turned his late night gig into an actual ride with Universal Studios in Florida. For the newly announced ride, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, people who love The Late Show will get a chance to learn about the show’s history and ultimately go through the city of Los Angeles with Fallon. Fallon was recently in town for the rides opening and gave us a look at his firs reaction to checking the ride out.

Seven years ago, Jimmy Fallon had an idea for a theme park ride. It centered on the talk-show host hang-gliding over New York City. He pitched the concept to Mark Woodbury, now vice chairman of Universal Parks & Resorts. “He politely said ‘No,’” Fallon said Monday. Fast-forward a few years later. Woodbury calls Fallon back and says yes. And now, three years later, a simulator ride named “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” officially debuts Thursday.

Orlando Sentinel

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