Judd Apatow Responds To Eddie Griffin’s Cosby Comments, Says Griffin Is Looking For Conspiracies

judd apatow

Eddie Griffin shook things up last week, when an interview with him talking about Bill Cosby was released from VladTV. In the conversation Eddie went on to share how he questioned Cosby’s alleged victims. “Why would you go to a room with a known married man?”, Griffin asked. In response to Eddie’s thoughts, Hollywood director Judd Apatow who has previously voiced against Cosby, went on to address Eddie on Twitter.

It hurts when an icon betrays all who loved him. That’s why people look for conspiracies. The truth is too awful. You are making such a big deal out of @BillCosby but I don’t hear you saying anything about the Son of Sam. Typical!

Cosby was recently charged with sexual assault in connection to an incident between him and former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand in 2004.

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