Katt Williams Calls Bernie Mac The Real King Of Comedy And Says Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Are Funnier Than Him

In another installment of a recent interview on The Don Magic Juan Show, Katt Williams got a chance to speak on his career and a few of his comedian comrades. Which he went on to say how Bernie Mac was the real King of Comedy. Katt is currently prepping to release his newest special ‘Priceless’ on HBO.

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  1. EbonyLolita

    Tell it Katt. TELL IT!!! He looks burnt out but that comes from rough times. I believe this tho!

  2. qtpi

    Deep ish. This industry is truly devilish.

  3. FuckU_PayME

    Katt won’t bounce back because the more he speaks the truth they will censor him.


    I believe him!!! Kevin Hart isn’t funny BTW!!

  5. Christopher Flores

    He won’t bounce back because he’s not funny anymore.

  6. Zina K

    I hate when they let ugly azz Don Juan piggy back off their success and actually allow him to speak during their interviews, with his illiterate azz, but hey if the Kardashian’s can have a platform…

  7. aylayl

    I love Katt. He ain’t crazy. He’s just a Black man, like so many others, with so many dreams and ideals and just tired of being treated second class and lied on. It’s that anger that many of us have but don’t have the power to back up being able to talk about – without being made to look crazy by those with the power.

  8. jasmine

    Katt’s new joint on HBO was the funniest stand-up I’ve seen in years.

  9. Christopher Flores

    Look up Gabriel Iglesias.

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