Katt Williams Talks Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, And Comedy With THR

katt williams

Katt Williams is about to hit the road for his newest tour, The Conspiracy Theory. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Katt hinted at a few things he may discuss while on tour. In the interview he touched on the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump, and the current state of comedy. Check out an expert of their conversation, below.

What about Black Lives Matter?

I don’t believe that [Black Lives Matter] is something that you say unless a certain percentage, a large percentage of your population, feels like this might be news to people. I think it’s not something that is ever said unless the situation is at such a critical point that you would need to say something as remedial as that. Our history proves that you might need to say that.

Why do we need to say it? Are we at that critical point?

Because there are people who are going to still come out against it. And it should’ve lost steam because nobody needed that message. Go have a #friedchickenisdelicious and see how much of a storm you can get people into. No, sorry, that’s just a fact that everybody knows. We have to move on as people. The only reason that this is important is because it’s an important conversation and it does have to be acknowledged that [black lives] do matter. There are too many circumstances that I could list that it would appear like they don’t matter. They certainly don’t matter equally.… As soon as they matter enough, nobody will feel the need to say it.

Donald Trump.

Natural part of evolution. It’s the next process. … The only thing that could trump [Barack Obama’s] type of cool would be deep pockets. It makes perfect sense. That’s what America is saying. They didn’t say that they wanted Trump. They said they wanted somebody who could not be bought off in a situation for peanuts. They said they wanted somebody who has an allegiance to something other than the current political system.

Who is the most influential comedian out right now?

We have the ability right now to see Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Eddy Griffin, George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer. All these people out on the road. That’s a good thing for urban comedy. On the other side, comedy has kept on moving as well. It’s a fantastic platform, but you only have to be influential once. Influence isn’t something you have to keep having to have. I get excited seeing [Dave] Chappelle at any moment. That has always remained the same. I get excited when Demetri Martin is out. I like a thought process in a comedy conversation.

Katt’s Conspiracy Theory tour starts this October.

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