Kenan Thompson Tells Comedy Hype About His Kickstarter ‘Smile Parade’, Wanting To Work With Kobe, And Suggests The Big Baller Brand Is Smart Business

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Kenan Thompson has been quietly at work with his newest venture Smile Parade. Smile Parade is a kick starter in which Kenan hopes will be a platform for artists to showcase their work and earn a profit. To get a little more insight about the endeavor; we talked with Kenan briefly about the company, and if we will ever see it on SNL.

CH: Who or what was your inspiration going into the development of Smile Parade?

KT: I have entrepreneurs and people I look at. I watch a lot of Shark Tank. I would love to reach out to Kobe because I know he’s overly interested in doing start-ups. I can probably learn a lot by just talking to that dude for 10 seconds. So I have a lot of people that I can sit down and chop it up with. Basically we wanted to try something for the art scene like with Mike Mosley who is like a family friend, and I think he’s super talented. I’ve kind of been involved in a couple clothing brands in the past but I’ve never wanted to do it. It wasn’t overly appealing to me. But this project which is trying to start an artist community where artist can thrive in the environment, intrigues me.

CH: Will we be able to see Smile Parade on episodes on SNL?

KT: That would be a great opportunity but I wouldn’t go about it the wrong way. If the brand was out there and they want to put in on the actors naturally like wardrobe and stylist, then that would be the way to do it.

CH: A brand that is everywhere right now is The Big Baller Brand with Lavar Ball and his family, what are your thoughts?

KT: Anybody with that type of following should be rewarded if they have their right business plays ready. If they’re ready to put products to the world and they have everyones attention, and the world wants to buy it, then they should sell it. That’s just straight business. It seems smart.

CH: How often are you putting design ideas together for Smile Parade?

KT: Not often but when we first started we came up with the characters together. That was a couple times a week. I was looking over pictures, and looking over concepts. Worked on it for about 3-5 months, possibly longer.

CH: What is the overall vision for The Smile Parade as a company?

KT: My vision is to develop a thriving artistic community that flourishes. Artist come in and they put up an image, it becomes popular, and that artist profits from it the most. The way things should be. That’s my ultimate goal. It just takes it’s own life, forms from people who are super talented and it comes back to them, the way it should.

If you are interested in joining or contributing to Kenan’s Smile Parade, you can get more information on their Kickstarter.

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