Kevin Hart And Other Comedians Make It Big Because They Were Prepared, 50 Cent Explains

50 cent

This morning rapper 50 Cent sat down with The Breakfast Club to promote a new season of his series, Power. In the conversation 50, who has been known to crack a few jokes, shared a quick outlook on comedian’s work ethics. As he explained the recent success of his artist Kidd Kidd, 50 used comedians as an example of how things can quickly take-off.

“Comedian are always over worked, they always have to be fine-tuned for so long…Kevin Hart has been around for a minute but when he does get in position.. then boom! How is he able to work this much?… It’s because it’s light work to him because he been working and doing stand-up… Being a comedians is like fitness. You can’t really miss a day….you stay fine-tuned and your timing is right… There still overall funny people but if they’re not out there in those circuits I think there not as a good as they usually are”

50’s perspective on the work ethic of comedians could comes as a little insight on why we’ve seen comedians take-off after big breaks. So are comedians out working everyone else? You can watch 50’s full interview here.

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