Why Kevin Hart Should Not Have Responded To DC Young Fly Explained By Spoken Reasons

To follow up with the recent conversation on Kevin Hart responding to a joke by internet comedic personality DC Young Fly, we caught up with Spoken Reasons while on his FCHW Tour stop in Atlanta. Of course we had to ask what Spoken thought about the online exchange apart of a series of questions we had for him. Check out as he explains why he felt Kevin should have never responded to DC.

  1. You a jealous nigga. Know that. Guve a nigga props where its due. You are green with envy. And its sickening.

  2. Whether he wasfunny or nt was not the topic of discusson. And even if it was, 1.1 million peple think he is funny. Although i dont think h funny wither, no sense in hatin. Theres a difference between opinion and HATE. and this here is pure JEALOUSY. Who the hell is he to tell a celeb who and who he should not be talking to? KEEP WORKIN DCFLY. u doin something right.

  3. I don’t even use that word “hate” like that, but that’s all this was. Stankin jealousy. And some d-riding to boot. I don’t think DC is funny either but come on man.

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