Did You Know Chappelle Show’s Neal Brennan Directed JAY-Z’s 4:44 Documentary?

Jay Z recently put out his 13th studio album ‘4:44’ and soon after started releasing a docu-series featuring several respected names in entertainment. Many, if not all were black men who each shared their truest views on several subject matters. Now the interesting thing about this project is that it was directed by Neal Brennan of The Chappelle Show. Neal recently caught up with Fader magazine to talk about his experience with the project and even at one point went to explain why it worked well for comedians to be involved in the 4:44 doc-series.

FADER: It was kinda cool to see the world of comedy meeting a lot of musicians. Did you share any thoughts about that with Jay?

I think it was more just like who are some smart black dudes we can talk to and I had my list and he had his list. I think in the last five years we’ve realized that comedy has a huge cultural force. I mean, it’s always been huge, but I think people realize it now. I think Chris Rock and JAY-Z are the two most quotable black dudes in the last 30 years, or 20 years at least. And that’s across all races and genders. Comedians are smart, when people say, “So-and-so seems dumb,” I’m like, “If you write your own material, you’re not dumb.” You can’t be dumb. And that goes for 80% of rappers and kinda like all comedians if you’re worth anything. You can’t really make it without a unique point of view, as a comedian or a rapper.

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