Lavell Crawford Announces He’s Getting Weight Loss Surgery


For Lavell Crawford, fans have known him to be on the heavier side of things throughout his career. Now the comedian has opened up that he will become a smaller version of himself thanks to weight loss surgery. During a recent stop at Sway In The Morning, Lavell told Sway towards the end of his interview that he will be moving forward with a procedure to reduce his size (20:00 mark below).

For all the big folks out there, I’m going to keep it real, I’m having weight loss surgery… I’m having a gastric sleeve done… I have a beautiful wife, and I don’t want to leave her hanging….

Lavell went on to discuss some popular topics, and went on to share his upcoming projects. Over the years Lavell has made his size a focal point in his stand-up which means fans should expect new material from him when the procedure is done.

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