Marlon Wayans Defends Kevin Hart’s Comedy: “Kevin Is Funny”

marlon wayans

Last week comedian TK Kirkland made his first trip to The Breakfast Club and ended his conversation by saying Kevin Hart wasn’t funny to him. Now as he made his return to the studio, Marlon Wayans spoke on TK’s comments and went on to share opposing views and defended his longtime friend.

Wayans: That’s not even fair… If you hang out with Kevin… Kevin is funny. If you make people laugh every theatre you go to, and you’re selling out stadiums. You got 30,000 people laughing, you are funny.

While there, Marlon further explained how some may view Kevin after gaining success which he connected to how people saw his comedy. As far his own career, he discussed making films, Chris Rock hosting this year’s Oscars, 50 Shades Of Black and even addressed working with Mike Epps.

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