Marlon Wayans Just Roasted Lebron James And Friends For Finally Going Bald

Yesterday LeBron James shocked many online when a video emerged of him dancing with a bald head. James’s bald head follows his recent lost at The NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. For year people have joked about hiss hair and suggested that the NBA All-Star should consider going bald; until yesterday it finally happened. Marlon Wayans happened to have caught the video and couldn’t hold back with questioning Lebron’s entire camp on why they never had him cut his hair sooner. Marlon’s roast was shared on his Instagram page, read exactly what he had to say below.


@kingjames MY G! Good shit on BALDY! Dope!!! Now as for your friends… They ain’t shit! Ain’t nobody gonna say nothing to this man?! not one of your peeps pulled him to the side like “yo Bron, love you like a brother (cuz all bad news start like that), then that’s followed by BUT… you should cut a baldy son. Like just play one season with a baldy and see how it goes. I mean you can always grow it back if you don’t like it… well some portion of it at least.” Fuck ALL yo childhood friends. They ain’t shit! Should left them on the block. Their job is to keep it real… THEY DIDN’T! Fuck all yo bball friends too! Talk about Bball is a fraternity a brotherhood… my ass! What brothers ain’t gonna suggest you to cut that baldy. Like “Bron I think the ergonomics of yo head will help your aerodynamics when you dunk. @dwyanewade you ain’t shit! Gonna show up to the damn game looking like a damn mid 80’s Italian mobster in Valour and gazelles but you can’t holla at your boy pre game like “BRon, cut the baldy on ’em son! This will turn history in your favor”. Don’t trust any of the @cavs organization. @dangilbert_ could’ve sent a memo and made the baldies a team requirement. Fuck all the negroes you play ball with. @kyrieirving you should know better! Y’all Batman’s and robin. Don’t you think Robin should be like “hey Batman, I love you BUT You gotta cut the Ass hair off your head. all the guys at the justice league are laughing behind your back, yeah superman too. I’m just saying think about it”. Kyrie you got some of the best handles in basketball history but you are an awful human being for not saying shit. @teamswish all them tattoos and you couldnt have gotten “yo Brown cut that shit off your head” with a pair of wahl clippers tattooed on your face. Just as a reminder. Fuck all y’all in the “Land” y’all ain’t shit! Bad humans the man gave you a ring. Come 2 the game w/ a sign “CUT THAT SHIT” @kevinhart4real God hates u for not being a friend. I don’t trust you at all. I knew when u told me loved 50 shades Black u wasn’t shit. All the charity u do and Not 1 “make a wish” kid was like “my wish is that u cut a baldy, thanks & sign my hat” congrats BRo #smh

Held nothing back.

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