Martin Lawrence Says He’s Planning Comedy Tour For 2015


2015 looks to be the year Martin Lawrence made his reemergence back into stand-up comedy. Not while ago did we break news that he returned to the comedy stage and now we have news that he’s prepping for a tour. With his fans on Instagram today, Lawrence shared that a comedy tour is in the works.

“Just heading to the office. Haven’t been on tour since 2011…bout to make it happen in 2015,”¬†he wrote.

For fans wondering what city he will be in, no official dates have yet been revealed on any major ticket outlets, so we are guessing that the upcoming tour is in it’s early stages. Now it’s clear why Lawrence has been on stage again. As mentioned, this newest tour will mark 4 years since his last comedy tour, Doin Time in 2011. Welcome back.

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