Michael Che & Colin Jost Want You To Know SNL Is Not To Blame For Humanizing Trump, Talk With GQ

The Weekend Update duo, Colin Jost & Michael Che recently talked with the folks over at GQ. The two comedians took it back with their own Blues Brother style and got to touch on of course, Donald Trump. If you can recall people like SNL, and Jimmy Fallon were called out for humanizing Trump by featuring him on their platforms. Colin & Michael explained their reasons to GQ why they would have to disagree. Check out the excerpt below.

GQ: People blamed outlets like SNL and GQ and others for giving Donald Trump too much attention during the election and humanizing or validating him. It seems like, as comedians, it’d be impossible to avoid Trump.

Colin: He had a hit TV show on NBC for 14 years! He was covered by every major newspaper for 30 years. The idea that any one person humanized… He’s been the most human figure for decades. The reason he won is because he knows how to use the media and he’s a great communicator, whether you agree with the message or not.

Michael: Also, I don’t know who was on the fence about Trump politically and then saw him on our show in a Sia wig and was like, “Thatguy’s gotta be president.” We made him look ridiculous. I think people are just angry and lashing out. It’s part of the stages of grief?

You can read their full convo here.

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