Mike Epps Talks With Snoop Dogg On GGN About Newest Comedy ‘Meet The Blacks’, Speaks On Not Being Typed-Cast

Before a few other expected projects premiere, Mike Epps will be taking his comedy Meet The Blacks to theaters. The comedy is directed by independent filmmaker Deon Taylor and also includes Mike Tyson, George Lopez, Lil Duval, Bresha Webb, Charlie Murphy, Gary Owen, and more. In a new episode of The GGN network, Epps and Taylor sat down with Snoop Dogg to discuss the new film. In part of their talk Mike shared how he looks to avoid type-casting by the roles he chooses.

I know this business is a business you can get typed-cast in the acting world. I keep challenging myself to re-invent myself in that world. I made sure that I’ll do a little bit on the comedy side, and then when i get a chance I’ll do my drama.

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