Nick Cannon To Play Richard Pryor In Upcoming Role?


Now it looks like we can add Nick Cannon to the list of names of people who we might see portray legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Last week on his Instagram page Nick posted a picture of Richard P. with a caption that read,“#TBT I’m feeling his spirit. I hope y’all ready for the next level in my career. #GameChanger #Pryor”. Fast forward to yesterday it looks that Nick may have dropped another hint of possibly seeing him in an upcoming role as Pryor. While in attendance at the BET Awards on Sunday, fans couldn’t help but notice Nick’s change of appearance. Away from his usual low-cut hair and trim mustached, Nick appeared on the red carpet with afro and fully grown goatee. While pictures making fun of Nick’s unusual appearance began circulating online, one picture in particular looks to have caught his attention. A picture of Nick’s current appearance alongside a picture of Richard Pryor was reposted on his Instagram page with the caption saying, “Now y’all get it!”. As of now there is no confirmation as to what project Nick is attached to playing Pryor but we are guessing to hear something soon.

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  1. Shamrockdoc

    Bravo! Nick was my ONLY pick for the role WHENEVER someone planned to do a biopic about Richard Pryor. I tweeted this to him over a year ago. ‘Glad others thought the same! This will move him up several notches.

  2. UNKNI

    i agree nick cannon was my first pick F THE HATERS NICK

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