NYC Personality Wants Steve Harvey To Re-Explain Why He Even Met With Donald Trump?

Photo: Via CNN

NYC personality and voice, Scottie Beam has a question many people could be wondering. Why did Steve Harvey meet with Donald Trump in January? If you can recall, Harvey faced tons of backlash for his meeting with our 45th president. Steve would go on to share that his reason for meeting with the then new president was to create dialogue on the country’s progress. Following Trump’s controversial responses to this week’s Unite The Right rally, people still want to know is Steve still on board with Trump?


People have been very critical of Trump since his campaign but his unfavorable response to Charlottesville has put him on full display. Using her Twitter account, Scottie (Formerly of Hot 97) wanted to re-hear Harvey’s reason for meeting with Trump. “Hey, @IamSteveHarvey care to explain how your conversation with Trump went again?”, she would go on to tweet. Interesting enough Dave Chappelle caught a little heat for saying to “give Trump a chance” but even he quickly apologized. So where does Harvey stand?

Harvey has yet to respond to Beam’s tweet.

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